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Apple fruit box price

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Capacity of Iranian cold storagesExport of apple fruitApple fruit box price
Apple fruit box price

Apple fruit box price of Mianeh and Maragheh red apple trees in Iran always has the highest rate and fortunately it also has high exports.
These two regions are located in East Azarbaijan province, where about 600,000 tons of apple trees are harvested annually. The high quality of yellow and red apples in each of these regions has always caused great demand for the domestic market and exports. .
Those who work in the field of apple apple export are well acquainted with the quality of apples in Miyaneh and Maragheh and know that the selling price of Miyaneh and Maragheh apples is always the highest rate compared to other parts of the country.

Capacity of Iranian cold storages

According to the statistics obtained from industries and mines, the number of cold storages set up in these two areas is over 120 units, which has a capacity of 350,000 tons in the cold storages of these areas, with different varieties of yellow and red apples from autumn They are bought and sold for export.
With the increase in harvest and increase in the volume of seedlings of these apples in each of these areas, we will see the establishment of more cold stores in the coming years.
The competitive price of Maragheh and Miyaneh apple fruit in 2020 will lead to an increase in exports to:

  • India
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan

We hope that Vitarad Trading in these two regions will be able to direct its foreign customers to buy apple fruits in these areas, as in previous years.

Apple fruit box price

Export of apple fruit

One of the most important varieties of apple fruit that has always had good exports is the Lebanese red apple, which is known in foreign countries as Red Delicious apple.
This species is harvested from apple fruit in more than 17 provinces and also the volume of exports has been the highest figure for this variety.
Due to its high durability and unique taste, red apple has always had major orders from the above-mentioned countries, and if the production volume increases, it will still have an equally good export market.

Apple fruit box price

For the Indian market, the only apple with the highest sales volume is the red apple fruit. In fact, in the Indian market, the citizens of this country do not recognize the yellow apple as a variety of apple tree, and therefore always order red apples not only from Iran, but also from other countries.
In Iran, in order to have good competitiveness, exporters always offer the price of Iranian apple fruit to their customers at a competitive rate.

The major producing cities that had the most exports to India were from the regions:

  • Orumieh
  • Oshnoyeh
  • Samirom
  • Maragheh

The selling Apple fruit box price in each of these cities was different. Because the quality of red apples that are needed for India, are harvested in different grades of orchards, which has an impact on its selling Apple fruit box price.

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Vitarad Collection invites you to buy the best fruits.

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