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Apple fruit wholesale price in Iran

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Which cities have better quality apples?Specifications of foothill applesSale of foothill apples for IndiaApple fruit wholesale price in Iran
Apple fruit wholesale price in Iran

The Apple fruit wholesale price in Iran in different regions in 2021 from 3,000 to 7,000 tomans will be bought and sold in orchards, which can fluctuate as the harvest time approaches.
The quality of apples may vary from garden to garden, and this is why each of these apples has its own price.
Apples that are cold in mountainous areas start harvesting about 20 days later and naturally have a higher rate of ripeness and shelf life than other areas.
Even the selling Apple fruit wholesale price in Iran in orchards and after harvest time has been higher in cold storage. Therefore, if you are looking for premium apples, we have areas where we can provide the best product to you, dear customers.

Which cities have better quality apples?

In recent years, the incorrect cooperation of some exporting companies and individuals with foreign customers has changed the view of foreign buyers to Iranian apples.
And the Apple fruit wholesale price in Iran in foreign markets has always been lower than other countries.
For this reason, you, dear buyers and customers in foreign markets, note that Vitarad Group has one of the best red and golden delicious apples in Iran from the foothills in its cold storage, which can sell and export at a very competitive price.
If you plan to travel to Iran, note that the foothills of the regions

  • Oshnaviyeh
  • Urmia
  • Padena
  • Sardasht
  • Mianeh
  • Maragheh

Buy. In most areas, apples with high shelf life, high hardness and a more complete color percentage are harvested from orchards. The selling Apple fruit wholesale price in Iran may be higher, but in terms of quality, you should be comfortable.

Apple fruit wholesale price in Iran

Specifications of foothill apples

It will not be so difficult to identify apples harvested from foothills. If you have experience in buying and selling apple fruits,
you should know that mountain apples have a more elongated appearance, that is, they are longer.
When you touch the apple, you will notice that it is very firm, and the kiwi color and smooth skin indicate the mountain apples.
Apples from other regions do not have these characteristics, you may not be able to tell at the beginning of the harvest which apples are foothills and which are not, but after a few months, your recognition of these apples will easily increase.
Of course, if you have a lot of experience in apples, you will find out in the very first days which areas the apples you buy are from.
The Apple fruit wholesale price in Iran in the areas that we have announced to you have the highest rates in the domestic market of Iran, and their shelf life in cold stores has even reached one year.
To buy a mountain apple fruit, it is enough to contact our experts in sales and business affairs, to provide you with the necessary guidance in this regard.

Apple fruit wholesale price in Iran

Sale of foothill apples for India

Due to the fact that India has different people, so different grades of this fruit are bought and sold in its market.
In 2020, the amount of Iranian apple exports to this country by Vitarad Trading was more than 10,000 tons, which we sold and exported at the request and order of customers in different states.
Some customers in India want apples in small molds, and some buyers want luxury apples in neat packaging. For this reason, this country has become one of our main markets for the sale of red apple fruits in recent years.

Apple fruit wholesale price in Iran

The wholesale price of apple fruits for customers who buy from this collection every year, of course, has been lower, and this year, if their purchase is more than 100 tons, we will apply a significant discount for them.
This complex has one of the largest fruit cold stores in Iran, which annually goes to countries such as:

  • Russia
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Libya
  • Arab countries of the Persian Gulf
  • Ukraine
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • Central European countries

Has had mass exports.
The best-selling apples of this company are often two types of apple fruits, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious, which have the highest harvest in Iranian orchards.

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