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Apple prices in Pakistan

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What is the quality of Iranian apples?What kind of apple is right for Pakistan?Sale price of red apples for KarachiApple prices in Pakistan
Apple prices in Pakistan

The Apple prices in Pakistan fluctuates according to its states and Iranian apples that are exported to this country are different according to the type of customer request, their quality and also the apple harvest area, and this difference in product quality level has an effect on price fluctuations. There are apples in Pakistan.
Pakistan, which borders Iran, is one of the customers that buys a significant amount of apples from Iran every year. The apples that are exported from Iran to Pakistan are yellow apples and red apples, which are in 10 kg basket packages and in different sizes.
The Indian market is more flexible than the Indian market, and major apple sellers in Pakistan are always looking for different varieties with different quality levels. This means that if Pakistani buyers buy red apples from Iran, they will order different grades of these apples, because naturally there is a market for each apple with a different quality grade, and each one is sold at a different Apple prices in Pakistan.

What is the quality of Iranian apples?

Many Pakistani traders are present in Iran at the time of apple harvest and often, with the cooperation of intermediaries, rent apple orchards and have acquired the ability to buy quality orchards. Rental of gardens is generally in the interest of Pakistani customers because they pack all the sizes separately and sell each one at a different Apple prices in Pakistan market.
The quality of apples in Iran is different from the harvest area, and the closer the orchards are to the city, the lower the shelf life and color of the apples, and this is well known to customers who travel to Iran from Pakistan. Therefore, they are always looking for gardens that are colorful and have a high level of hardness. For this reason, in 2021, we see the cooperation of some of the largest importers of apple trees from Iran, a good cooperation with Vitarad Group, and we have also been able to do things for them from A to Z, which can be:

  • Garden rentals
  • Apple harvest
  • Storage in the refrigerator
  • Apple tree sorting
  • Apple packaging
  • Transportation

Cited. Doing all this by Vitarad Trading Group has made the process of exporting Iranian apples to Pakistan easier for its customers and the Apple prices in Pakistan with a higher profit margin for them, and this has led to this cooperation every year. To be done continuously.

Apple prices in Pakistan

What kind of apple is right for Pakistan?

You may be wondering what kind of apple is right for Pakistan? Both in terms of quality and color, we intend to provide you with more complete information in this headline.
As we have said, although most of the big apple traders in Pakistan travel to Iran at harvest time, they always buy different grades. The Pakistani market is large, so different varieties of this fruit are usually bought and sold.

Vitarad Trading Group, which cooperates well with apple wholesalers in Pakistan, annually from different regions of northwestern Iran, including

  • Orumieh
  • Oshnoyeh
  • Maragheh
  • Salmas
  • Piranshahr

Sends the best apples. So if you want to buy quality apples from Iran, the apple harvested area in any of the apple-growing cities of Iran can be important for you, and if you do not have enough information in this regard, your purchase price from the garden may be appropriate. But the harvest area will be among the cities that have lower quality and durability.

Apple prices in Pakistan

Sale price of red apples for Karachi

According to what we said in the paragraph above, we should also mention that not all Pakistani customers buy apples directly from Iranian orchards, and some customers may buy red and yellow apples after harvest, most of which Customers in this country have been buying red apples, which is why this apple has the highest sales for export every year.

Apple prices in Pakistan

The selling price of red apples for Karachi Pakistan in the cold storage level in 2021 may be from 8 thousand tomans to 13 thousand tomans. As you know, the quality of apples will determine the price in cold stores.
Karachi, as the capital of Pakistan, has the most trade for apples, the best and closest route is Bandar Abbas, which is transported and exported by sea.

Mirjavah border has been one of our main borders for exporting apple trees to this country, which is the closest and most suitable route. Almost 80% of Iran’s apples are imported to Pakistan through this border.
The more convenient the transportation cost, the more competitive the Apple prices in Pakistan, and the more attractive the Apple prices in Pakistan, the greater the demand.

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