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Bell pepper exports to Russia

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Bell pepper producing countries in the Middle EastImport bell peppers to RussiaProduction of bell peppers in IranBell pepper exports from IranPrices of bell peppers in Russia
Bell pepper exports

Bell peppers are very healthy popular vegetables that come in a wide variety of colors and are full of nutrients like vitamin C. They are produces on a commercial scale in the Middle East and most importantly in Iran, which has large amounts of bell pepper exports to Russia every year.

Bell peppers, or as some people call them, sweet peppers are one of the most nutritious types of peppers that loaded with vitamin C. They come in a lot of different vibrant colors with a sweet taste, which makes them ideal for decorating different dishes. They also one of the most widely traded vegetables, and a lot of countries have bell pepper exports.

Bell pepper exports

Bell pepper producing countries in the Middle East

Bell pepper is one of the vegetables that can grow in both greenhouses. Hence, it wants to grow around the world.. Iran is the biggest producer of these bell peppers in the region. And dominates a large part of the markets in this region of the world. Iran also has got the highest amounts of bell pepper exports in the region.Also and is among the top world exporters, as well.

Most regions of the Middle East prefer to grow bell peppers within greenhouses, because this method uses less water and has a higher production rate. Also, some of the Middle Easter countries like Iraq, and the United Arab Emirate, import bell peppers from Iran every year.

Bell pepper exports

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Import bell peppers to Russia

Russia hasn’t got enough bell pepper production, to satisfy the needs for its local markets. So, they have a lot of bell pepper exports from many different countries in the world. Iran is one of the most popular exporters of bell peppers for them. The most important for this mutual transaction, is the high quality of the Iranian bell peppers and their organic nature.

Also, bell peppers have got a very short shelf life of around ten to fifteen days and need to transported to the markets as fast as possible. The short distance between the two countries will result in a faster and fresher delivery.

Bell pepper exports


Production of bell peppers in Iran

Iran is the biggest producer of bell peppers in the Middle East. And North Africa, and definitely one of the biggest producers in the world. There are different cities with different climates in Iran, which produce a wide variety of bell peppers.

Iranian bell peppers also grown in both greenhouses and open farms. Iran has high levels of bell pepper production. So much that besides satisfying the needs of the local markets, there are still some bell pepper exports to many countries. A big part of the Iranian bell peppers are exported to Middle Eastern countries and Russia every year.

Bell pepper exports


Bell pepper exports from Iran

Iranian bell peppers are very popular ad in high demands on the international markets. They have this popularity due to their high quality and organic nature. Iran exports its bell peppers mostly to Middle Eastern and Neighboring countries.

There are also some minor bell pepper exports to countries in the other parts of the world. The exports of bell peppers to the neighboring countries is much more convenient for Iranians, because of the short distance and the lower transportation costs. Also, the bell peppers produced in the open farms are more popular than the greenhouse ones.

Bell pepper exports

Prices of bell peppers in Russia

Russia is one on the main destinations for the Iranian bell pepper exports industry. One of the main indicators of a fruit or vegetable’s retail price, is the transportation costs. Iran and Russia are so close to each other and have a sea border between them. This fact will reduce the transportation costs and subsequently will help lower the final retail price of bell peppers in Russia.

Besides the short distance between the two countries, the advancements in technologies have also helped reduce the prices. These advancements have made the shipping process much easier, faster, safer and cheaper. Also the type and the colors of the exported bell peppers are also important in setting the final market retail price.

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