There are many other countries in which Iranian apples have not yet entered the market. This can help increase the world price of Iranian apples, provided that all standards are met. By analyzing these markets, we found that Iran is the largest apple market in continental Europe. As you know, Europe has strict restrictions on the import of various agricultural products, so this group, as we mentioned, by launching its export infrastructure, has always been able to produce the best types of Iranian fruits such as apples, kiwis, pomegranates and citrus fruits. Export to some European countries.

Apple prices for export

The Apple prices for export needs to estimate the customer order in terms of caliber, type of packaging, quality and harvest area, in relation to which, the price for customers is estimated and announced. Export apples in Iran have different grades, each of which has a different price in the orchards as well as in […]

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fruits and vegetables exporters in Bangalore | Fresh Fruits Leading Suppliers & Exporters In Bangalore

Nowadays, Fruits and vegetables export industry demands a
reasonable knowledge about international markets. If you are living in a
country where vegetable and

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