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Fall red apple price

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Method of exporting apple fruitApple export cottageFall red apple price for African exports
Fall red apple price

The Fall red apple price, whose name is known in the world markets of Red Delicious apples, is bought and sold in the Iranian market at the rate of 8,000 to 12,000 Tomans per kilo.
As its name suggests, the time of harvesting this type of apple from the orchards is early autumn. Early October is the best time to pick red apples, and the export process starts early in the harvest, so the Fall red apple price varies according to market demand, grade, packaging and harvest area.
Iranian red apple has always been famous for its foreign and organic buyers in different countries because of its healthy and organic taste, and this has caused us to see the highest number of red apple exports to these countries every year.
In autumn, in addition to red apples, another variety is harvested from orchards, both of which have had the highest sales for foreign markets, and all these factors together have made gardeners more willing to increase the area under cultivation of this apple every year.

Method of exporting apple fruit

In Iran, the amount of apple production in 2021 has reached more than 5 million tons, and the high volume of this harvest has seen the intellectual concerns of many gardeners, and they are always thinking of selling their products. In this article, we try to explain the methods that can be used to export apple trees easily.
Exporting is quite simple and easy and all that is needed to do this is to do the right marketing in the target countries and we need to know in which countries Iranian apples are most in demand and the Fall red apple price in the markets of these countries. What is the price.

If you can analyze and check this properly, the export work is done and the rest is done through the transport companies.

When you find potential customers from foreign countries, they will place an order to buy apples at the request of your market, and you must supply the apples they want at the request of customers. After this, export items such as:
Proper palletizing method
Land transport to customs exit
Clearance of goods by brokerage companies
Shipping by land or customs after exit customs
Provide an international bank account or exchange office

Each of these things will be done by different companies active in the field and you will not need or worry about doing these things.
You will be responsible for doing this as an exporter, but each of the brokerage firms will be responsible for doing this separately.
Fall red apple price Taking into account all the expenses incurred, the Fall red apple price will be for you to offer to foreign customers, which means you need to know what the Fall red apple price is in the cold storage, shipping costs to customs and exit, as well as clearance and shipping costs. After calculating, you should properly present the competitive Fall red apple price to customers so that you can take the first step in the field of apple tree exports.

Fall red apple price

Apple export cottage

Anyone who works as an exporter of products will naturally receive an export code after customs declaration.
If you do not know the meaning of cottage, we will give you a brief explanation.
When you export Iranian apple fruit and your goods are declared at the customs of exit by the brokerage companies, you will be given a declaration code, which is called the cottage code or the same as the export cottage.
In order to be able to sell the export currency in the banks at the Fall red apple price, you need export cottage, which you will provide to the related banks, and the bank will buy or sell the currency in exchange for your export cottage. Gives you the result of exporting apples.
In practice, this process may seem difficult to you, but in practice it is not so difficult, and those who want to enter the field of apple tree exports in Iran, Vitarad Trading Group with many years of experience in this field will be able to consult Necessary and have long-term cooperation in this field.
The company will also be ready to cooperate with all those who work in the field of refrigeration and even exemplary gardeners who harvest a very large amount of this fruit from their gardens every year. For more details in this regard, you can contact our consultants in matters. Get in touch with international trade.
Every year, this group sells the Fall red apple price at the highest prices compared to its competitors in direct markets, and this is the hope of most gardeners who had a good cooperation with this company every year, and in the new year, with the expansion Our target markets We try to be able to introduce different grades of Iranian autumn apples to global markets.

Fall red apple price

Fall red apple price for African exports

African countries are also among our customers to buy red and golden apples, and mainly the countries that have the most registered orders in this continent can be
He pointed out that each of them buys different types of Iranian apples according to the volume of market tension.
Fortunately, in the last three years, some African countries, in addition to apple trees, have added other Iranian agricultural products to their shopping cycle, and Vitarad Group has witnessed continuous cooperation with traders in these countries in the field of kiwi, pomegranate and orange exports, which has led to To make these countries as important markets of Iran in Africa.
With the expansion of the Iranian market in Africa, the Fall red apple price for export to target countries in the continent has increased significantly, which indicates an increase in demand from the market of these countries.
Of course, not only red apples are sold to these countries, but also African buyers include yellow apples in their purchase order.
And this issue has caused that with the beginning of harvesting different varieties of apples in Iran, its export to Africa will continue, and every week we send different grades of autumn apples by ship to the important ports of the mentioned countries.

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