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Iranian apple fruit prices in Bangladesh

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Transit Apple exports to ChittagongApple packaging standardsSale price of Iranian fall applesIranian apple fruit prices in Bangladesh
Iranian apple fruit prices in Bangladesh

The Iranian apple fruit prices in Bangladesh is cheaper than apples imported to this country from other producing countries, and naturally we may have been able to enter the big Bangladesh market as we would have liked.
Unfortunately, in recent years, most apple exporters in Iran have focused on neighboring countries, which have not been good for us in this area, and if we could enter larger markets in Europe, Asia and even the Americas, The Iranian apple fruit prices in Bangladesh was in line with the world rate.

Bangladesh is one of the countries that have important ports for importing various agricultural products, especially apple trees, and an acceptable amount of this fruit is exported to the port of Chittagong in this country every year.
Chittagong Port is considered as the largest port and the second largest province in Bangladesh, which has various wharves, and annually we see the import and export of various products.

Transit Apple exports to Chittagong

The port of Chittagong in Bangladesh, which is a long distance from Iran, is located in the southwestern neighborhood of India and northern Myanmar, where sales of apples from Iran begin to be sold annually to this country.
The shipping process from Bandar Abbas to the port of Chittagong is about 20 days. This is the distance from the time of departure of the ship from Iran to mooring in the port of Chittagong.

Therefore, compared to the transit time between Iran and Bangladesh, apples that have a higher shelf life are certainly sent. Let this fruit enter the world.
Vitarad Trading Group with its extensive activity in recent years is looking for markets that can bring their selling price for Iranian apples to world prices, because all countries that buy different varieties of apples from Iran, natural quality and taste Iranian apples acknowledge that if we can overtake the major exporters of this fruit, the economic value for Iranian apples in these countries will certainly increase.

Iranian apple fruit prices in Bangladesh

Apple packaging standards

You foreign customers should pay attention to the fact that Iranian apples have excellent quality and organic taste and are free of any pests. Unlike apples that are bought and sold from other producing countries in your country and do not have a special taste, Iranian apples have their real taste. We may not have had good marketing in the countries that buy apple trees, but we try to be able to over time Introduce our agricultural products, which are completely biologically healthy, to the important markets of the world.

Perhaps one of the reasons why we have not been able to increase our sales index for exports to major foreign countries at the moment is not to change product packaging as requested by the target markets. We have launched a mechanized sorting system in 2021 and intend to Your order, foreign buyers, to sort and package all kinds of apple trees in Iran.

The Iranian apple fruit prices in Bangladesh is the same as our selling price for neighboring countries, and in recent years we have only been able to go to countries such as:

  • India
  • Russia
  • Persian Gulf states
  • Neighboring countries
  • And some African countries

Export, but according to statistics, we can see that the largest importers of apple trees in the world are from Europe, where Germany, Britain and Russia are the most statistics of buying apples from different countries, and our position in these countries has not been favorable.

Iranian apple fruit prices in Bangladesh

Sale price of Iranian fall apples

We have two types of prices for apple tree exports, 1- the selling price of apples in Iran and 2- the world price of apples, each of which can have a significant impact on increasing the efficiency of Iranian apple exports.
It is certain that the Iranian apple fruit prices in Bangladesh is very low compared to the world price index, but if you look at other countries, you will see that apples that are bought and sold in China, Turkey, New Zealand and other countries in world markets. They have taste, but they always have a higher selling price than Iranian apples.
Autumn apple trees in Iran are harvested from orchards in two types: Red Delicious and Golden Delicious. After harvest, the price reaches about twenty cents, but theIranian apple fruit prices in Bangladesh is more than 50 cents, and this is a big problem for Iranian apples. We have not been able to discover other markets and have focused on neighboring countries.
The apple market in neighboring countries is completely saturated and the excessive export of Iranian apples to these countries causes the export value of apples to fall completely.
We are looking for new markets, and for this we have created high costs and basic programs, and we will certainly be able to introduce and export Iranian apples, which have the highest quality and real taste in the world, to world markets.

Iranian apple fruit prices in Bangladesh

The Iranian apple fruit prices in Bangladesh in 2021 will be about 40% lower than European countries, and if we continue with the same policy for other countries, we will not have a special place in the apple trade, so all major apple exporters in Iran They should pay more attention to this issue so that they can take big steps in this field.

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