Banana export from Sri Lanka

Banana export from Sri Lanka to Iran

There  more than 150 million tons of bananas produced in the world every ear, and most of these bananas are from the Asian plantations in countries like India and Sri Lanka. There is a great deal of banana export from Sri Lanka to Iran and many other countries every harvesting season. Banana export from Sri […]

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Iranian banana

Iranian banana export to Dubai

Bananas are tropical fruit and require warm tropical climates in order to grow and profit, and only few regions in Iran acquire the banana farming conditions. According to FAO, Iran produces around 129000 metric tons of wild bananas and a lot of local companies are working of Iranian banana export to Dubai. Iranian banana only […]

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Banana export price

Banana export price to Iran

Bananas are among the biggest food crops traded internationally, with millions of tons of exports every year, and Iran is also one of the biggest importers of this fruit. Banana export price to Iran depends on many factors including the type of the bananas and the country of origin. Bananas are one of the most […]

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Banana Export from India

Banana Export from India to Iran

Bananas are one of the most favorite and widely cultivated fruit on earth, and a lot of tropical countries farm bananas on a commercial scale. There are also a lot of banana export from India to Iran, since India is one of the biggest producers of the fruit and has a unique quality. Bananas are […]

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