black grapes for export

Production of black grapes for export to UAE

Iran is the 8th largest producer of grapes in the world, and produces many different colors of high quality table grapes such as green, yellow, red, and black. Black grapes are among the most luxurious and popular of these products and there are production of black grapes for export to UAE. Iranian black grapes for […]

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seedless grapes

Price per ton of seedless grapes for export

Besides producing a lot of side products, grapes often enjoyed for fresh consumption and there a lot of different seedless cultivars produced in Iran which are perfect for this purpose. The price per ton of seedless grapes for export is also different in each case and depends on the grape’s variety. Iran is the 8th […]

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Grapes for export

Buy grapes for export from Iran

The growing of grapes in the Iranian vineyards goes back to thousands of years, and grapes have always been, and are one of the most popular fruits among Iranians. Many companies from all over the world buy grapes for export from Iran and distribute the goods on the global fruit markets. Almost all of the […]

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Price of grapes

Cheapest price of grapes for export

Iran is one of the main suppliers of fresh table grapes in the Middle East region and offers some of the cheapest price of grapes for exports among these countries. The products of this country are also extremely high quality, and a favorite among all of the foreign importing markets in the world. Iranian grapes […]

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Iranian grapes

Iranian grapes for export

Grapes one of the main products produced by the Iranian vineyards from all over the country and they are all of the highest quality. There a lot of different types of grapes cultivated in Iran and besides satisfying all of the local markets, there are a lot of Iranian grapes for exports every year. Grapes […]

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Bunch of grapes

Bunch of grapes for export from Iran

There are many different types of grapes produced in different regions of the world and they have a bunch of grapes for exports from Iran every year. Iranian grapes are very versatile and healthy, and enjoyed by different people both within the country, and from other parts of the world. There are a bunch of […]

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