seedless grapes

Buy seedless grapes from Iran

The best grape variety for fresh consumption, would the seedless sweet cultivars which account for most of the Grape production in Iran. Some regions in Iran have the perfect climate for producing high quality seedless grapes and many of the international companies buy seedless grapes from Iran. Grapes can be a very fun snack fruit, […]

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Bunch of grapes

Bunch of grapes for export from Iran

There are many different types of grapes produced in different regions of the world and they have a bunch of grapes for exports from Iran every year. Iranian grapes are very versatile and healthy, and enjoyed by different people both within the country, and from other parts of the world. There are a bunch of […]

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Grapes importing countries

Grapes importing countries from Iran

Grapes are among the most common internationally popular fruits, and a lot of big grape producing countries, send their products to countries from all over the world. There are a lot of Grapes importing countries from Iran, as Iran is one of the biggest producers of the fruit in the world. Grapes are extremely healthy […]

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Urmia grapes

Export of Urmia grapes from Iran

The city of Urmia in north west Iran is one of the biggest producers of different types of grapes in Iran and its grapes considered by many to be the best. Every year there are a lot of export of Urmia grapes from Iran to many neighboring and Middle Eastern countries. Grapes among the oldest […]

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